我實在是不是很想在澳洲花很貴的上網費用上網。但是,如果我不在澳洲先做一些功課、寫一些文章,恐怕回台灣我得要花上兩個月才能把這一大堆東西寫完。沒辦法,我就是比較沒有效率,得慢慢磨才能把所有的細節磨完,才會把所有的照片PO完。這一次澳洲的行程主要在三個地方:Melbourne / Brisbane / Whitsunday Islands ( Hamilton Island & Airlie Beach),主題扣緊澳式生活,走的路線跟我的年紀和性別會喜歡的主題非常接近,適合寵愛自己的旅遊者來玩。不但有美食、美景,最重要的就是住得好、吃得精緻!我很難取捨哪一個部分不要分享給大家知道,因此決定先把住宿的地方列出來,一個一個把他完成。

光是飯店就有十家要介紹,目前我才沾了三家,除了Blue Pearl之外,還有兩家沒有全部完成,不過我應該會從住宿的飯店開始先介紹,接著再來介紹餐廳。澳洲《高帽子餐廳》Gourmet Traveller 百大餐廳在出發時已經稍微介紹過,不過還有一些酒莊和到訪的特別之處可以好好嘮叨一下,如果最近也有人要去這三個地方,倒是可以先把這十家旅館的名稱和資料先列出來供大家參考 ,目前先貼出網址、住址和英文的介紹,寫完之後我會加入一些自己的意見和評論。反正呢,無論如何,我是會將這部份先完成的... ...(備註:後方以1100711247.jpg紫色標出的文章就是我的心得囉~


2009/3/30~4/9 澳洲行飯店介紹一覽表:

(1) Melbourne: Intercontinental - The Rialto

1100711247.jpg住宿文:Intercontinental Melbourne The Rialto ★★★★★ (1)standard room

495 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9620 9111
Fax: (03) 9614 1219

InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto is a modern day monument of luxury that pays homage to its status as a heritage-listed building in the heart of the financial district. Completed in 1891 when Melbourne was the richest city in the world, the design by architect William Pitt is a superb example of "fin de siècle" architecture. The hotel is located just a short stroll away from some of Melbourne's major attractions, galleries, theatres, renowned shopping areas and restaurants.


>>> 墨爾本里爾托洲際飯店 (InterContinental Melbourne The Rialto Hotel)優惠訂房連結 <<<

>>> 墨爾本里爾飯店優惠訂房連結 <<<


(2) Melbourne: Grand Hyatt

1100711247.jpg住宿文:[Australia2009] Grand Hyatt Melbourne 豐富早餐
1100711247.jpg住宿文:[Australia2009] Grand Hyatt Melbourne 房間內部
1100711247.jpg住宿文:[Australia2009] Grand Hyatt Melbourne 公共空間

The Grand Hyatt Melbourne Hotel is located at the top end of prestigious Collins Street in the heart of Melbourne's central business, shopping, theatre and restaurant district and is within walking distance of many of Melbourne's tourist attractions. The hotel has an extensive range of facilities to capture the imagination and requirements of all guests.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne
123 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9657 1234
Fax: (03) 9650 3491

>>>> 墨爾本君悦飯店 (Grand Hyatt Melbourne)優惠訂房網址  <<<<

>>> 墨爾本里爾飯店優惠訂房連結 <<<



(3) Mornington Peninsula: Peppers Moonah Links Resort


One of the most comprehensive golf resort developments ever seen in Australia. The 96 room stylish resort boasts state-of-the-art facilities and features two 18 hole championship golf courses and a brand new endota day spa. Designed to harmonise with the beauty of the rolling coastal dunes and Moonah woodland, the resort has been constructed with natural timbers and clean design lines.

Peppers Moonah Links
Peter Thompson Drive (off Truemans Road)
Rye VIC 3941
Tel: (03) 5988 2000
Fax: (03) 5988 2099

>>> 派帕斯穆恩娜林克度假村 (Peppers Moonah Links Resort)優惠訂房網址 <<<


(4) Mornington Peninsula: Lindenderry at Red Hill

1100711247.jpg住宿文:[Australia2009] Lindenderry@Red Hill葡萄園中的莊園飯店

The exterior of Lindenderry at Red Hill resembles a French chateau with the touch of Australiana evident in the broad verandahs and passive leisure areas dwarfed by magnificent gums. Inside, it is a wonderland of comfort, resplendent in five-star luxury.

Lindenderry at Red Hill
142 Arthurs Seat Road
Red Hill VIC 3937
Tel: (03) 5989 2933
Fax: (03) 5989 2936

>>>> 紅磨坊林登德利飯店 (Lindenderry at Red Hill) 優惠訂房連結<<<<


Hamilton Island Resort
Hamilton Island
Tel : 07 4946 9999 Fax : 07 4946 8888

(5) Hamilton Island: Qualia

1100711247.jpg住宿文:[Australia2009] Day6 Qualia@Hamilton Island(Beach House)
[Australia2009] Day6 Qualia@Hamilton Island(Long Pavilion)

(6) Hamilton Island: Blue Pearl

1100711247.jpg住宿文:[Australia2009] Day6 Blue Pearl@Hamilton Island 大堡礁島嶼保育員住所

(7) Hamilton Island: Reef View Hotel

1100711247.jpg住宿文:[Australia2009] Reef View Hotel@Hamilton Island (大堡礁島嶼保育員決選選手村)
[Australia2009] 艾瑪在Hamilton Island的午后時光(圖多)


>>>> 漢密爾頓島珊瑚景飯店 (Hamilton Island Reef View Hotel) 優惠訂房網址  <<<<

(8) Airlie Beach: Pinnacles Resort and Spa

1100711247.jpg住宿文:[Australia2009] Pinnacles Resort&Spa@Airlie Beach

16 Golden Orchid Drive
Airlie Beach
Tel : 07 4948 4800
Fax : 07 4948 4801
Booking : 1 x 2 bedroom apartment, 1 x 1 bedroom apartment

>>>> 頂點溫泉渡假飯店 (Pinnacles Resort & Spa)優惠訂房網址  <<<<


(9) Brisbane: M on Mary

1100711247.jpg住宿文:[Australia2009] M on Mary - Brisbane公寓飯店

70 Mary Street
Tel : 07 3503 8000
Fax : 07 3003 1001
Booking : 1 bedroom apartments

>>>> 姆昂瑪麗公寓 (M on Mary Apartments) 優惠訂房網址  <<<<


(10) Brisbane: Emporium Hotel


1000 Ann Street
Tel : 07 3253 6999 Fax : 07 3253 6966
Booking : King Suite



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